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On 17 June, 2014 Dr. habil.Attila Fabian, PhD., Dean of the Faculty of Economics and veice-dean Dr.habil. Eva Happ, PhD. of the University, Sopron,  visited our faculty. The purpose of the visit was the signing of the consortium agreement "Amber Road."  The consortium consists of 13 faculties together from eight countries that lie on one of the most important European trade routes between north and south, from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea. The consortium will promote international cooperation in the development of innovative approaches to learning and cooperation with enterprises in the participating countries. Representatives of the partner faculties will meet regularly semi-annually, always in the seat of another faculty and  will jointly prepare international projects and exchange teachers and students.

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Writing names on sidewalks is already old-fashioned. There is a new tradition of environmentalists!
As it is usual not only to our university, students express their joy of degree awarded by writing their names on the sidewalks around colleges and university. Academic land can thus boasts the names of young engineers. However, recent graduates of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development of the Environmental management program decided to start a whole new tradition.

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