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The Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers has become a regular member of CEDR

by Veronika Straussová (comments: 0)

On the 13th October 2018, the Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers, based at SUA in Nitra, became a full member of the European Council for Rural Law (CEDR).


The Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers, based at SUA in Nitra, was registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic  on 10th May 2008. Its main focus consists mainly of activities aimed at supporting the development of knowledge of agrarian and environmental law, to promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and information between lawyers dealing with the mentioned issues. Other objectives include the organization of seminars, conferences, workshops dedicated to specific areas of agrarian and environmental law (AEP), as well as pedagogical and scientific activities. Last but not least, it aims to prepare and implement project activities in the field of AEP and to support the  scientific activity of students who are interested in the given topic. Professor Anna Bandlerová  is the Vice-president of the association, and the associate professor Lucia Palšová is the National Delegate of the association.


Character and activities of CEDR

The CEDR was founded in 1957 as a unique pan-European organization representing lawyers and experts working in the field of agrarian law in relation to the farming community in a number of aspects- such as agriculture, environment, food, energy use, trade and economy. The CEDR has an important and unique consultative role in relation to the FAO (International Food and Agriculture Organization) as well as the role of an observer in relation to the Council of Europe, which regularly provides advice and assistance to EU institutions. Membership in CEDR reflects the quality and importance of the work of the most important national associations in the EU, as well as lawyers and experts from outside the EU who are active in the field of legal relations in agriculture and countryside. It is precisely the character of the CEDR that determines its unique position in global food and agricultural field through activities related to law and politics.

In Miškovec, Hungary, a regional forum was held on 13th October, under the auspices of the CEDR, which provided extensive space for a discussion for experts from Central Europe. Academic and professional contributors were also represented by the Slovak Republic through the Slovak Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers, whose Vice President is professor Anna Bandlerová, and national delegate is associate professor Lucia Palšová.

In the line of further activities, the nearest regional forum will be held on 25 February 2019 in Seville, Spain. In the period between the events organized by CEDR, the active cooperation of its members is permanently realized, especially in the form of national expert meetings, publications and legal commentaries.

For more information, visit: www.fesrr.uniag.sk

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