Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Visit from Moldavia and Macedonia

by Veronika Straussová (comments: 0)

On 9th – 12th October 2018, the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development organized a professional event within the Visegrad Fund project named "Let´s rock the Central, Eastern and Western Europe with Transnational Local Action Groups". Project managers from Moldavia and Macedonia together with mayors from Moldavian municipalities participated at this educational and practical event. Within the two days, they visited two local action groups (LAGs) from Slovakia, in particular LAG Radošinka and LAG Kopaničiarsky región. The participants used the opportunity to meet and discuss current issues with the LAG managers and LAG members. They express particular interest in preparation of the integrated strategy of local development and in participation of different stakeholders in development. Consequently to the visit of selected LAGs, workshop on the strategy design and creation of LAG was scheduled within the program. The most inspiring parts of the programme were mainly presentation of innovative tools for strategy creation with a simulation of creation of a concrete strategy together with discussions, which lead to identification of intersections for cooperation between municipalities in Moldavia and Macedonia. This international event contributed also to initiation of first steps of potential international cooperation with the Slovak LAGs.

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