Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Workshop in Iisami (Finland): 29th October – 2nd November 2018

by Veronika Straussová (comments: 0)

FESRD has been actively involved in the international educational project ERDI - Empowering Regional Development and Innovations 562603-EPP-1-2015-1-FI EPPKA2-KA since 2016. The local coordinator of the project is professor Eleonóra Marišová.

The project is aimed at the creation of new modules and innovation of courses in study programs that focus on strategic regional planning, social and environmental infrastructure, and enterprise sustainability and innovation. The findings of regional analyzes carried out in the partner countries of the project, aimed at finding the level of synergy of bioenergetics education and the requirements of enterprises were the basis for the creation of new modules. During the workshops, partners discussed the monitoring and networking possibilities as well as use of the tools of knowledge alliances so that new learning modules become innovative and meet the expectations of employers. The following universities are ERDI project partners: University of Moncton, New Brunswick College (Canada), Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Savonia University (Finland), HAS den Bosch University (Netherlands), University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), Széchenyi University of Győr (Hungary). In addition to the universities, also the businesses from the above-mentioned countries are project partners. each Each academic year, an international semester took place at a one of the consortium universities and was held in a multicultural community of students and educators and business representatives. This offered  room for improvement of the teaching methods as well as inclusion of new topics taught at foreign partner universities.

Comprehensive evaluation of the ERDI international project took place at the closing workshop in Iisalmi (Finland, 29th October-2nd November 2018). Joint technical monograph "BUSINESS NETWORKS - COLLAGE OF BUSINESS MODELS: Cases from the ERDI Partner Regions" was presented in the presence of all project partners on this occasion.

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