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XV. World Congress of Agricultural Law UMAU

by Veronika Straussová (comments: 0)

The 15th World Congress of Agricultural Law UMAU (Unione Mondiale degli Agraristi Universitari) took place at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan (Poland) between 18th and 22nd September 2018. The congress focused on topical challenges of the agrarian law in context of globalization, regionalism and localisation and was attended by 150 academic representatives from around the World. The number of attendees points out the importance of education focused on agrarian law at agricultural universities. Presentations and discussions were focused not only on education, but also on scientific results of the attending countries. The main topics of the congress were ownership, protection and usage of agricultural land, food safety and relevant EU policies, Brexit, agriculture and decentralization. Attendees from the universities from South America spoke about measures against food degradation as the main challenge for law, as well as about the importance of geographic indications in contemporary context of agrarian business. Academic staff from FESRD (SUA in Nitra) was also present. Associate professor JUDr.Ing. Lazíková, PhD. gave a speech about „Usage of agricultural land in Slovakia“. The World Congress was organized on a high level and enabled the attendees to exchange knowledge and experience, discuss mutual problems of the agrarian law and we gained new international contacts for our faculty and university in hope of possible future cooperation. The next congress (XVI. Congress) will take place in 2020 in Nicaragua.

More information: https://www.15umau.org/

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