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SULANET project closeout meeting

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On the 27th-28th July, a closeout meeting of the SULANET project (564651-EPP-1-2015-1-SK- EPPJMO-NETWORK : SULANET) took place and focused on the the issues of the sustainable land management. 

Our project partners were the universities in: Austria (BOKU), Spain (Cordoba), Bulgaria (Plovdiv), Poland (Bialystok) and Italy (Foggia).

These are some of the most important results achieved during the course of 3 years:

-data database of soil management issues of the partner countries as well as a monography of a collective of authors, various publications, seminars, conferences and pamphlets.

-thanks to the funding from the EU, the project partners were able to attend important conferences in other countries

-our students were able to attend summer schools organized in Nitra, Foggia (Italy) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

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