Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Erasmus incoming students for ERASMUS STUDENTS

Dear Erasmus incoming students,

welcome to the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development (FESRD) of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA). We hope you’ll enjoy your study stay here inSlovakia.

It is important for you to perform some necessary steps before you take up your residence in Slovakia and also at the beginning of you stay.



Before your arrival in Nitra:

1. Once you have been selected by your home university, please fill in and send us the application documents, which you can find at web site: http://www.fesrr.uniag.sk/en/application-registration/

2. For the actual offer of ENGLISH courses at the SUA Nitra please see:


Or contact the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator of FESRD: doc. JUDr. Lucia Palšová, PhD. at: Lucia.Palsova@uniag.sk or International Relations office of FESRD at Ing. Veronika Dalkovičova at: Veronika.Dalkovicova@uniag.sk

3. Students of non EU countries might need visa for entering the Slovak Republic. For information about visa please see: http://www.uniag.sk/en/visa-and-residence-permit/

4. Study the instructions how to get to Nitra by various possibilities at: http://www.fesrr.uniag.sk/en/how-to-get-to-nitra-1583/

After your arrival in Nitra:

In the following part there is information on steps necessary for your registration in the University Information System (UIS) and for your Temporary Residence Permit issuing by the Department of Foreign Police of the SR in Nitra:

1. Incoming Erasmus students are registered during the Orientation week. In case of later arrival visit International Relations Office for registration (main university building, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, pavilion AE- rectorate, 3rd floor, room 304) 

Documents needed:

  • Passport or national ID
  • Health insurance (please see http://www.uniag.sk/en/insurance/) valid in Slovak Republic during the entire stay
  • Passport size picture in .jpg form for the student card
  • deposit for student card  13 EUR
  • fee for internet connection 10 EUR per semester

How to get SUA Student card :

1)      bring photo (passport size), electronic format (JPEG, PDF…)
2)      pay 13 EUR deposit for student’s card  (this deposit will be given back when the student gives the card back and present the receipt of the payment before his departure) in the room n.105, pavilion AE, 1st floor, Mrs. Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fri 8:30 -11:00
3)      go to  Card Office - room n. 14, pavilion AE, 4th floor, Mrs. Gabriela Hvizdová, Mo-Fri 7:30 - 15:30 with the receipt of the payment and passport size picture in electronic format
NOTE: At the end of your stay you can return the card and the receipt of the payment to collect the deposit back in the same office where you paid (room n.105, pavilion AE, 1st floor, Mrs. Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fri 8:30 -  11:00)
The card is active the next day and credit can be uploaded in a cash desk office in Anton Bernolak dormitory, Tr. A. Hlinku 38, Nitra. At the reception turn left, the cash desk office will be on your left side, behind the glass door. 

  • How to get Internet connection in your room: 

pay the fee 10 EUR/ per semester (20 EUR per academic year)  - room n.105, pavilion AE, 1st floor, Mrs. Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fri 8:30 -  11:00
bring the receipt of the payment to the IT Office - room n.316, pavilion AS (building of the Faculty of Economics and Management), left wing 3rd floor, Mr. Karol Kania or Mr. Ján Frát

WIFI connection in the dormitory
Network: EDUROAM
You can use Login and Password you have from your home university for EDUROAM network or username and password obtained from the International Relations Office after registration into our University Information System (UIS).
Then you can log in typing username@uniag.sk and your password for UIS.
Support: Ing. Marek Urban, Ing. Ľuboš Határ, Pavilion AE (main builiding), 1st floor, on the right end of the corridor

Cable connection in the dormitory
After paying the connection fee bring the confirmation of payment to the IT department and they will start your account.
Then you can log in typing your username and password for UIS.
Support: Ing. Karol Kania, Ing. Ján Fráter, Pavilion AS (Faculty of Economics and Management, left wing, 3rd floor)


2. Registration at the Immigration Police Office is not necessary if you live in the SUA dormitory, they will register you automatically.

In case of accomodation outside university dormitories EU citizens must report within 10 days after arrival into SR, non-EU citizens must report within 3 days after arrival in Slovak Republic at the local Immigration Police Office (Oddelenie cudzineckej polície), Kalvárska 2, 949 01 Nitra.
Office hours: Monday:  7:30-12:00  12:30-15:00Wednesday7:30-12:00  12:30-17:30Friday7:30-12:00

Regitration form you can find at: http://www.minv.sk/?pobyt-cudzinca.

For stays longer than than 90 days in one half-year  citizens of Non-EU countries must apply for Temporary Residence Permit (http://www.uniag.sk/en/visa-and-residence-permit/).


Accommodation and Catering

SUA offers accommodation for its students and guests in 5 university dormitories - Akademická, Mladosť, Nová Doba, Anton Bernolák and Poľnohospodár. For more information about accommodation please see: http://www.fesrr.uniag.sk/en/accommodation/.

International exchange students are usually accommodated in dormitory Poľnohospodár,Vihorlatská Street 10, Nitra:

Room equipment:

There are 2+2 units, that means 2 double rooms sharing toilet and bathroom with shower. Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided.

Cooking facilities:

There is shared kitchen on the floor with electric cooker, fridge and kitchen sink. No pots, pans or cutlery are provided.

Computer facilities:

Cable internet connection is available in the rooms upon registration of you and your PC to the university information system (UIS).


A set of clean bed sheets is provided at the beginning of your stay. These can be exchanged for clean sheets every two weeks in the laundry room located near the Reception. For washing your own clothes washing machine is available on the 1st floor for free. Iron and vacuum cleaner can be borrowed from the Reception.

International Relations Office of SUA book a place for you in our dormitories on the first come first served basis as soon as we have received your complete application. Number of places is limited.

Meals are served in two canteens within the university campus - in dormitory A. Bernolák and dormitory Mladosť. Lunch is served between 11am - 2pm and dinner from 3pm to 7pm to the university students and staff at reasonable price. On weekends lunch is served from 11:30am -1pm. With your student card you can order from 4 different menus (soup plus main course) one day before or choose any meal from the offer of the day. The price per meal is from 0,33 EUR – 1,50 EUR. Snacks and refreshments can be bought in several snack bars located in the dormitories and university buildings.

NOTE: If you for example wish to dine in our student canteen or visit our library you will need the student card. If you would like to dine in university canteen, you should recharge credit on your student card (it is possible at the cash register in hostel A. Bernolak - near the reception, Mrs . Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fi 12:00 -15:00).

After you finish your mobility:

1. Your Temporary Residence Permit Card needs to be returned back to the Foreigners Police Office 3 days before your departure. Instead of the card you will be given a document which substitutes the card for the rest of your stay. You will need it at the return to your home country.

2. Return the STUDENT card and the receipt of the payment to collect the deposit back in the same Office where you paid (room n.105, pavilion AE, 1st floor, Mrs. Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fri 8:30 -11:00).

If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at:



tel.: +421 37 641 5079, +421 37 641 5512

For more practical information for exchange students of SUA please see Exchange students guide http://is.uniag.sk/dok_server/slozka.pl?id=3106;download=3024;lang=sk.