About the Project

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, decision nr. 2013 – 2883/001-001 “EU land policy - the pathway towards sustainable Europe“ results from 7th Environment Action Programme to 2020, Strategy 2020, Soil Thematic Strategy and proposal of the EU Soil Framework Directive.

Main objective of the Centre is supporting and improving multidisciplinary knowledge and specific skills about policy and law on the protection of land and soil, leading to a positive impact on effective implementation of EU land policy measures to 2020, especially in Slovak conditions. 
Centre creates a synergy between faculties of SUA Nitra connecting knowledge of the law, policy and soil conservation from different perspectives to complex teaching and research activities.

Target group for the project are PhD. students, post-doctoral students and young researchers under 35 who do not automatically come into contact with European integration studies.

The Centre designs four modules for target group:

  • EU land law (new module)
  • EU agriculture and land policy (new module)
  • Sustainability of the land in the EU (new module)
  • Agri-environmental legislation of the EU (existing module)

The fulfilment of the main aim is supporting by research activity focused on collect and evaluates data related to EU land policy and its implementation in Slovakia. Based on the obtained results, measures will be set up to improve awareness of EU land policy and law among target group, researchers, professional groups, and general public and strengthen their confidence in EU land law.