Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

About us

The Centre of International Programmes of the FESRD (hereinafter such as “CIP”) was established in 2008 as an independent project, research and training department. The CIP was created to support the development of international training and research projects, mainly within EU programmes. Its main mission is promotion and development of international cooperation in the field of training, research, cultural and business activities with focus on improving participation of the FESRD on international projects and ensuring effective development of its human resources.  

The CIP carries out the following activities:

- advisory and consultancy services concerning international EU projects required by the project applicant:

  • preparing the content and financial part of a project proposal,
  • management and administration of EU projects,
  • cooperation with project managers in elaborating project final reports (technical and financial part).

- searching for new possibilities of cooperation with international institutions;
- providing the assistance to the FESRD employees in finding partners for EU projects;
- assistance in ensuring the international mobility of students;  
- evidence of international projects at the faculty;
-communication and cooperation with the Office of international relations and programmes at the SUA, national agencies and national contact points for individual EU programmes;
-advisory and consultancy services in preparation and realization of international events (meetings, seminars, international conferences, etc.).