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Double Degree Atlantis www.transatlantis.ugent.be

ATLANTIS Programme
Double Degree in Rural Development and Agricultural Economics

A 2-year Master Programme jointly organized by 6 EU and 2 US leading institutes in agricultural economics and rural development.

Participating Universities: Ghent University web page , Agrocampus Ouest web page , Humboldt University of Berlin web page , University of Cordoba web page , Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra web page , University of Pisa web page , University of Florida web page , University of Arkansas web page

What are the learning objectives?
• Unique insight in agricultural economics and development theories,
• Comparative and profound knowledge within an international context of EU and US approaches on agricultural and rural development policies,
• Knowledge on the theoretical aspects of integrated vision of development,
• A plural-disciplinary education in rural development and agricultural economics that links agronomic, environmental and social sciences,
• Ability to analyse, evaluate and solve problems related to rural development and agricultural economics through using adequate instruments, methods and tools.

What does the ATLANTIS programme offer?
• Opportunity to obtain double degree,
• Combination of basic and specialized trainings, a case study of one month and an individual master thesis,
• ATLANTIS scholarship.

What are the admission criteria?
• A bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (minimum 3 years study),
• Sufficient undergraduate training to do graduate work in the chosen field,
• A satisfactory scholastic average,
• Necessary language skills.

Contact person at SUA:
Ing. Loreta Schwarczová, PhD. (English, Hungarian speaking)
e-mail: loreta.schwarczova@uniag.sk
tel.: +421 37 6415080
fax.: +421 37 6415081

Local coordinator:
prof. JUDr. Anna Bandlerová, PhD. (English, Hungarian German speaking)
e-mail: anna.bandlerova@uniag.sk
tel:+421 37 6415730

More information: www.transatlantis.ugent.be