Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Student card

What is student card – proximity card

Student card is a document confirming the legal status which entitles the student to enjoy the rights and benefits resulting from the student's laws, internal regulations of the university and from several agreements with other legal persons. This document also serves to demonstrate the data recorded on it. The student card is issued by SUA after the registration into the students register. Uniform structure of the data determined by the Ministry is used on the student card. The Ministry strictly established the guidelines also for the technical production of the card.

In connection with the student card at SUA there is built the proximity control system for the access into the computer exercise rooms, into the university buildings and into the food system for ordering and serving meals. In addition, the student card allows using many systems of student discounts when purchasing goods and services. The most significant are discounts for transport, when buying books, making use of photocopy services and entering some cultural and sport events.

How can SUA  foreign student (coming to the university in the frame of the EU exchange programmes) obtain his/her student card:

To obtain the student card and at the same time to proceed the registration in the University Information System the student has to:

1)     bring photo (passport size), electronic format (JPEG, PDF…)

2)     pay 13 EUR deposit for student’s card  (this deposit will be given back when the student gives the card back and present the receipt of the payment before his departure) in the room n.105, pavilion AE, 1st floor, Mrs. Lucia Candráková, Mo-Fri 8:30 -11:00

3)      go to  Card Office - room n. 14, pavilion AE, 4th floor, Mrs. Gabriela Hvizdová with the receipt of the payment and passport size picture in electronic format

Writing data to the student card shall be made by putting the card near the "university terminal" located under the SUA Assembly Hall (Main Aula). This action should make each student personally and at the same time check the functionality and accuracy of the data. 
In the case of loss or damage a duplicate shall be issued upon the payment of administrative fee for a duplicate in the cash desk of SUA.