Erasmus školenie

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We offer a high quality learning experience and a social programme tailored to our learners’ needs and desires. We provide high qualified and experienced tutors, state-of-the-art learning material, highly participatory and interactive teaching methods, sound assessment and validation procedures. The language of our courses is English. Our trainers are qualified with experience in adult training. The courses are organised in Piraeus, the port of Athens and Isthmia, a summer resort by the sea in the Corinthian Gulf.
All our training courses are designed following the principles of ECVET and can be used for the transfer and accumulation of learning outcomes. Our trainees get the certificate of attendance, the Europass Certificate Supplement and the Europass Mobility Certificate.
How to get a grant
You can ask a grant from your National Agency for Erasmus+. The next deadline for presenting grant applications is on 4/3/2015. For your convenience we have set up a FAQs session in our web-site to support you in preparing your grant application. Our consultants are happy to provide you further assistance.
The mobility grants for a visit in Greece include:
Support to travel cost
It is based on distance from your place to destination. You can use the distance calculator.
For travel distances between
Euros per participant
For example
500 – 1999 km
Central and Eastern EU countries
2000 – 2999 km
Western and North countries (Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia)
3000 – 3999 km
Some cities in Scandinavia, Madeira, Canarias
4000 km and more
Iceland, Azores
Individual support
It is based on number of days. For Greece the amount for individual support will range between 70 – 140 euros per day and will be announced by your National Agency.
Training fee
You will get support for the training fee, to attend structured training courses of staff in school education and in adult education. It is based on number of days, 70 euros per participant per day.  The support that you will get from Erasmus+ grant will fully cover our training fees, which is 350 Euros for a five days training course.
Few words about IDEC
IDEC is a company committed to quality, innovation and European cooperation. We firmly believe that European cooperation including mobility, exchanges and mutual learning has strong benefits to individuals and European Community, contributing to building of a common European identity. That is why we are concentrating our efforts to serve in practice European cooperation: we participate in European projects; we cooperate with colleagues to develop training courses and materials with a real European dimension; we organize transnational training courses. IDEC offers you the possibility to attend high quality training courses, participate in study visits, observation periods and job shadowing. In parallel you will share social and cultural experiences and spend an enjoyable time in Greece.
We provide training courses for professionals in education and training, including staff and teachers/trainers in educational institutes of all levels, as well as staff from companies working in the field of education and training.
We treat our learners as guests, we provide a rich social programme; we are doing our best to meet your expectation and to offer an experience that you will remember for a long time. We do hope that you will take advantage of our offer and discover it by yourself.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Lila Anthopoulou
Iroon Polytechneiou 96
18536 Piraeus
tel: 0030 210 4286227
fax: 0030 210 4286228